Saturday, 13 June 2015

The scientific and historical gem that was CMB@50!

I'm still on a high from the recent CMB@50 conference held at Princeton to celebrate fifty years since the discovery of the CMB.

The conference was incredible in that it had so many leaders in the field in attendance, but also because the program highlighted not only the science but also the history of the field. This is useful for younger scientists like me who were academically born "post-WMAP".

I live-tweeted the conference with the hashtag #CMBat50, with some other colleagues joining in (for what it is worth, it is a great way to take notes if you can do it fast enough - and it encourages you to think critically in all the talks and to attend all the sessions!)! Given that not everyone wants to wade through all the tweets, I decided to collate them all in a few storify storyboards.

Storify is a great way to collate and annotate tweets from an event, and allows you to create a narrative (and also to catch those tweets that maybe don't use a hashtag or are in reply to a thread etc.)

It's my first time using the software, so it may be a bit rusty initially, but I hope you enjoy them!

CMB@50 Day One

CMB@50 Day Two

CMB@50 Day Three

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